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The Senthorus Difference

Addressing Today and Tomorrow’s Threats Locally & Globally.

In contrast to traditional Security Operations Center (SOC) services, Senthorus SOC is specifically engineered to tackle the evolving threat landscape, the rising complexity of IT and OT networks, as well as the increasingly stringent compliance demands.

Consequently, our services go a step further than traditional offerings, providing more sophisticated, proactive, and integrated solutions for safeguarding against and mitigating cyber threats.


Global & Local Clients – We support them all!

Additionally, our central location and presence of analysts in the SOC itself enable highly efficient and effective SOC operations that serve both local SMEs as well as global organizations spread across all regions of the world.


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Christophe GERBER

ELCA Security General Manager

Meet Christophe GERBER, our General Manager at ELCA Security. Contact Christophe to discuss how he can help propel your cybersecurity initiatives forward.