Leverage your Splunk Enterprise with the Senthorus MDR for Splunk Enterprise.
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MDR for Splunk Enterprise

Leverage your Splunk Enterprise with the Senthorus MDR for Splunk Enterprise.

Our team enhances your security visibility using 600+ proprietary rules, AI capabilities, and unique Risk Based Alerting. Senthorus’s Next-Generation Content speeds up security upgrades, aligns detection across tools, and operates conflict-free with your custom content.


From a CIS-based maturity workshop to analytics optimization, we ensure smooth onboarding, log collection, and data-driven KPIs. No more noisy distractions - we provide prioritized notifications that matter.


Providing fast, effective, and intelligent detection-based content to address the growing threat landscape of your business, MDR for Splunk Enterprise correlates and analyzes network, user, endpoint, and other security logs in real time, aggregating disparate data and applying the latest threat intelligence to filter background noise, prioritize alerts, and respond to the most suspicious threat behaviors.


Our service assures best practice policy application, advanced threat hunting, all under your control via our intuitive portal.

At Senthorus, we get it right - the first time.

Key Services Delivered:

  • Onboarding of Splunk Enterprise into the Senthorus service (as provided by the Accelerator for MDR for Splunk Enterprise)
  • CIS-Based Security Maturity Workshop
  • Splunk Analytics Optimization Workshop
  • Swiss-based 24x7 SOC monitoring, detection, investigation & response
  • Application of best practice policy and alert recommendations
  • Risk Based Alerting (RBA)
  • Single-View Security Posture
  • Health Monitoring
  • Simplified Compliance
  • Advanced Threat Hunting
  • ServiceNow ITSM ticketing integration
  • Unlimited Live Remote Response
  • Concierge services are included for any custom requests

Senthorus MDR for Splunk Enterprise

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