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Next Gen SOC: We don’t need to have your logs!.... Really?

We’re covering a topic that is always surprising for our new customers: why doesn't our Next-Gen SOC insist on grabbing all your logs?

You Keep Your Logs, We Keep Our Focus

While other SOCs might want to amass your logs, at Senthorus we’ve realized the importance of balance. Your logs? They can comfortably stay within your SIEM instance.

Tangible Benefits, Not Just Theoretical

Keeping your logs right where they are provides distinct advantages:

Reduced Compliance & Data Breach Risks: Transferring logs, especially terabytes of data, has its downsides. We prefer to dodge that bullet.

No Dual Policy Drama: Managing two different policy sets for log data? Sounds like double the trouble we’d rather not invite.

Effortless Transitions: If the day ever comes where you consider another SOC service, the switch is simplified. Though we'd hate to see you go, the exit is clear.

Your Environment, Still Yours: All the fine-tuning and configurations? They stay. Think of it as our subtle mark we leave behind, somewhat like a techie's version of a calling card.

Alerts: The Golden Nuggets

Our method is clear-cut. We focus on 'alerts-only' which are generated based on our refined set of rules chosen from our vast catalogue to suit your environment and risks. The alerts are then enriched advanced threat intelligence and machine learning, empowering our analysts to provide with a high quality service.

Conclusion: Your Data Stays Put and We Provide World-Class SOC Services

In essence, our Next-Gen SOC ensures your data remains grounded, reducing costs, and risks, while increasing security and providing our customers the liberty to change SOCs without a lot of pain, even though we believe they’ll stick with us for a long time to come!  


Stay tuned for more Next Generation #SOCtober insights as we traverse this tech landscape, keeping things real, with a bit of humor.

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