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Crisis Anticipation

Gain assurance that your cyber assets are secure and trustworthy

In a more and more interconnected world, dependence on cyber systems is continuously increasing. To operate your organization with confidence, our Digital Trust and anticipation services bring you the assurance that your cyber systems and organization have the appropriate security posture and act as intended.

They encompass a broad set of services such as technical security tests and audits, security solution architecture, definition and execution of high assurance protocols such as key ceremonies, and the integration of security controls and solutions, custom if needed.

Crisis Anticipation

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) / Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

We can build a comprehensive set of plans to allow the resuming of business processes after a security incident.

Incident response plan

Our experts can deliver a specific set of processes that allow for the anticipating and mitigating impacts of an on-going security incident.


Our team can develop a set of rules that describes actions to be executed in case of Cyber incident that is fully adapted to the Client’s business/environment. 

These rules will be grouped by attack scenarios (Malware, Data Leakage, phishing, DDoS,…) and will focus on threats with the highest risk levels.

Tabletop Exercise

We can develop and instigate exercises that simulates an attack through a scenario, to know your reaction capabilities and way to improve it.

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